7 Omens of Good Fortune that will change your life

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There are certain beliefs among the people which sometimes lead to fear, helplessness and sometimes great joy also. These beliefs have been existing since the very early days. They may not have any scientific basis or may not appear logical, but they are still an integral part of minds of many people.

1. Bats start to live in your home
This is a powerful sign that the family is about to become wealthy. Many people believe bats to be the symbol of abundant wealth. They believe that bats have highly developed senses which are able to know about places with auspicious spirits.


2. A dog is adopted:
A dog coming to your house is a very positive sign. This indicates for you to have faithful and sincere friends who will help you to overcome all kinds of obstacles. Black dogs are believed for bringing wealth and protection, golden dogs for prosperity and white dogs for love.

3. You find your initials on a spider web:
It is believed to be a sign of good luck forever. All your plans would become successful and all obstacles blocking your path would be dissolved.


4. Your date of birth adds up to 8:
8 is a magical number, so if anyone’s birth date sums to 8, it indicates good luck.
Example: 16/9/55 (16 + 9 + 55 = 80)

5. A butterfly comes inside your house:
This indicates the arrival of important guests. If the butterfly is brightly colored, it means that the visitor will bring good news related to your love life. If the butterfly is dark in color, the visitor will bring you good news related to your career or business.


6. A cow comes in front:
It is said to be an auspicious indication as a cow represents prosperity and fertility. And if you come face to face with a cow, it indicates towards great fortune coming your way.

7. When you see a shooting star:
When you see a shooting star and make a wish, it comes true within the next few days.


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