7 strange new year traditions and superstitions around the world

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New year celebrations are known for parties, fireworks and list of resolutions, people make with intention to improve their personality. You will be surprised to know about these different countries with strange and amazing customs around the world, to bring good luck and prosperity in the new year.

Greece: Greeks bake a gold or silver coin into a cake, called a ‘vassilopita’. The person who receives it is believed to remain lucky for the rest of the year.

Finland: Finnish people have a tradition named ‘molybdomancy’, in which some led is melted in a small pan, which is then thrown into a bowl full of cold water. Now, the shape of this solid metal is read in candle light, to tell the fortune of a person in the coming year.

Ethiopia: Ethiopia has 13 months in its calendar. Their current year is 2006 and new year is celebrated on September 11.

Japan: Japanese eat long noodles on new year which signify long life.

Spain: According to Spanish tradition, people eat 12 grapes at the midnight of 31st December which indicate 12 months of happiness. The tradition is considered to bring fortune to the people.

Denmark: In Denmark, people throw dishes outside the doors of other people, which brings many new friends to those people.

Persia: Ancient Persians used to give eggs for new year’s gifts, which indicated productivity.

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