Green Laser Pointer and Red Laser Pointer by Angelina Moore

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Green Laser Pointer and Red Laser Pointer plays its great role in business and educational presentations, burning and thermal experiment, laser show, laser photography and live concerts. People have always been debating on the choice of green laser pointer and red laser pointer since the invention of laser pointers.

Some people choose green laser pointer for the high visibility and its cheap price, while other people choose red laser pointer for the small dangers and injuries. People who are not familiar with laser pointer will feel puzzled when they purchase a laser pointer for the first time. Here are some suggestions for your consideration if you want to have a pleasant purchase experience.

Green Laser Pointer and Red Laser Pointer

First, human beings are more sensitive to green than other colors. So if you want to stargaze, go hiking or camping and carry out other outdoor activities, a green laser pointer will give you highly clear vision and it is really a capable assistant for your long distance point. On the other hand, the laser beam of red laser pointer is not as shining and bright as the green one, and its laser range is limited. People who use laser pointer for business, seminar and museum presentations often choose red laser pointer to help them complete various tasks. In a word, red laser pointer is appropriate for close pointing and will be less harmful to human for its low brightness. It is most suitable when you take up indoor activities.

Second, the prices of green laser pointer and red laser pointer with the same output power are quite different. Generally speaking, the green laser pointer is cheaper than the red laser gadget. So you can choose an excellent laser according to your own economic condition. There is one more thing which deserves your total attention, that is not all cheap laser pointer are good laser pointers. Some manufacturers produce poor quality laser pointers to gain more profit. Reputable laser stores or online stores are highly recommended for the sake of your security.

Not but not least, safety is most important when you use a laser pointer. So a laser pointer should not be pointed at people’s eyes whether you are using a red laser pointer or green laser pointer.

Angelina Moore is a writer of LaserTo, and she always shares information on laser pointers.

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