OSHO : Each Problem Is a Challenge and Makes You More Intelligent – Exploring Life

OSHO: Each Problem Is a Challenge and Makes You More Intelligent
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Each Problem Is a Challenge and Makes You More Intelligent: OSHO has given numerous talks with the arrangement, on the manners in which our mind takes each circumstance or an occasion in a positive or negative. We should realize how to turn out to be progressively shrewd with each issue happens in our life. We present to you the savviest discourses of OSHO and their interpretation to make our life much simple and upbeat.

Each Problem Is a Challenge and Makes You More Intelligent: (Summary and Essence of Video). OSHO says, My work is to make you increasingly more aware, and when you become progressively mindful you become mindful of more issues. Those issues were there previously. I don’t make your issues, it is only that you were oblivious; you were not taking any note. Those issues were there. It is much the same as a house which is in dimness, and numerous bugs are weaving their homes and scorpions are living and snakes are getting a charge out of, and all of a sudden you bring light there.

The light does not make the creepy crawlies or the scorpions or the snakes, yet it makes you mindful of them. Also, it is a great idea to know, since then the house can be cleaned; at that point you can keep away from the snakes.

Spiritual Guru with scientific meditation

You have numerous issues which you are not seeing – which actually, you would prefer not to see. You continue delaying. You are so scared of seeing those issues, since then you should explain them. Be that as it may, by deferring they are not comprehended; it isn’t so natural.
Issues are not letters kept in touch with George Bernard Shaw. George Bernard Shaw used to gather letters; he would not open them. He would open them on the first of consistently, so for thirty days he would gather a huge number of letters from everywhere throughout the world. His date was fixed: on the first of consistently, he would open them. Also, he would continue tossing them, on the grounds that the vast majority of them had just been replied. It was infrequently that some letter was left that had not addressed itself.

How to be Pleasant every time !!!

Someone asked him, “This is a peculiar way….” He stated, “It isn’t unusual, it is the most straightforward way.” When someone doesn’t find a solution for about fourteen days, three weeks, he finds the solution that ‘This man won’t reply.’
He drops the expectation. “What’s more, the majority of those letters are pointless at any rate. I am not going to squander my entire month. I have given them only one day – and any extremely bona fide letter that needs my consideration, I answer.
Along these lines, I spare my time, I spare their time; else they would need to peruse… what’s more, this is such a troublesome world, that they would not just perused they would answer too… again you need to peruse it. “It is smarter to complete it from the earliest starting point. It is a chain marvel, it can go on perpetually. What’s more, the more you permit it and after that stop, the more it harms. The principal letter and it is done – it doesn’t hurt. T
he man just comprehends that this man isn’t the sort who answers letters.” But issues are not letters, and life isn’t George Bernard Shaw. You can’t delay. Be that as it may, individuals are deferring. They continue pushing them along these lines and that way, wherever concealing them, believing that some supernatural occurrence… furthermore, things will settle down and issues will be tackled. This won’t occur. Despite what might be expected, those issues will make their kids. They will begin discovering

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