SadhGuru: How to Create a Life of My Dreams

SadhGuru: How to Create a Life of My Dreams
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SadhGuru: How to Create a Life of My Dreams


  • What is Destiny in our thoughts?
  • We have developed certain tendencies
  • Can we change these tendencies?
  • What’s wrong with the way I am?
  • Take charge of yourself completely
  • What is Karma?
  • Take control of your life
  • (Video) How to Create a Life of My Dreams?
  • Everyone is equally capable!

What is Destiny in our thoughts?

Whenever, things don’t happen the way you want them to happen, there is a temptation to think and name it as destiny. Because this is a way of dealing with failure. This is not destiny this is just cheap psychiatry, you’re trying to solace yourself, to your present condition. If you want to make any situation the way you want it, outside situation, there are million different ingredients here not all of them are you even aware of.

Today science can prove this to you beyond any doubt. The way you’re perceiving life right now through your sense organs, it is only enough for your survival, and it is not enough to master your destiny. Today modern physics and the neuro sciences clearly telling you, that whatever you are perceiving through five senses are not the way it really is. Here Sun is just setting for your eyes, it is just going to be dark in a few minutes. But there is a whole host of creatures in this forest, for them the day begins. So what’s light for you, is darkness for them. So sense organs are sufficient instruments for survival only. With that you don’t master your destiny. Because if you want to create a situation the way you want it, you have to have some mastery over your life energies. Ultimately the whole existence is energy you can never logically figure out every aspect of life around you. If you have mastery over your mind, fifty to sixty percent of your life will be in your control, fifty to sixty percent of your destiny will be decided by you and that’s all. 

We have developed certain Tendencies

Whatever situations you are living in, you need to understand to be human means that you can moral the situation’s the way you want it. You are not molded by the situations, you are molding the situations the way you want it. Today most people in the world are molded by the situations in which they survive. That is simply because they are existing in reaction to the situations, where they were placed. Is it my bad luck? Is it my destiny that I was born to such parents? Is it my destiny that I am born in such a country, or this part of the world? Everything that you know as myself today is just an accumulation of impressions and physical body. What you accumulate can be yours can never be you. So what is you, is that to be introduced to you. It is yet to come into experience, it is in an unconscious state. You’re only conscious of small parts of your accumulation. You are not even 100% conscious of what you have accumulated.


So you all are living life through your accumulations. You are trying to live your life through what you have accumulated or gathered, not through what/who you are. Now because of the type of accumulations you have you have developed certain tendencies. So naturally you move certain in certain directions.

Today science has proved to us beyond any doubt that the whole existence is same energy, the air and the water are actually same energy. People believe and energized this usually, that the rivers destiny is ocean. Rivers destiny is not ocean, river has no destiny. Water, its H2O, due to certain gathering, it has acquired a certain tendency. So it is always trying to find its own level and it’s moving in a certain direction. Here we are, this river, or this bunch of streams have been dammed. If you open up the dam naturally it may go, that is because the tendencies of the water. Similarly you have acquired certain tendencies depending upon what you have gathered within yourself. What type of impressions you have gathered, accordingly you have gathered tendencies.

Can we change these Tendencies?

It is not that this cannot be changed this water is trying to go to the river always flowing downward. If the evaporation happens suddenly the water moves upward. Isn’t it defying the law? If with little efforts, you do certain things with yourself, you can completely change that. In just 24 hours’ time, you can completely rewire or transform yourself. There are many number of people who have become like this. They are totally transformed, that’s what we mean by transformation. We’re not talking about change, we are talking about transformation.

What's wrong with the way I am?

Nothing wrong, if you ask yourself, what’s wrong in being limited? Nothing wrong. Hundred years ago whatever they believed, as their destiny. Many of those things we have taken them into our hands. Varieties of diseases, infections, deaths, all these things we believed were destiny. If a million people died of black plague, we thought it’s their destiny, it’s God’s will. They even told you that your marriage is made in heaven. So, many things you believe because that’s what they told you. But many things that you thought was really destiny out of control determined by God or somebody else up there, today all those things are in your hands. Because we have taken charge of a few things.


Spiritual Guru with scientific meditation

Take charge of yourself completely

So what we call as technology today is just this that within, the loss of nature, everything that could be taken charge off. Someday we will take charge of it on the outside. So when we say inner technology or inner engineering, that’s all we are saying. Everything that this life is naturally happening to a certain law. If you understand, if you perceive and if you know, what is the nature of life within you, you can take charge of it completely, the way it happens. If you take charge of your life completely, the way it happens your physical body, your mind, your emotion and the life energies, then would you let any unpleasantness happen to you?

Unpleasantness is happening to you in the form of anger, fear, anxiety, stress because your basic faculties like body mind energy emotion nothing takes instructions from you. They’re doing their own things as if they don’t belong to you. This is a complete distortion of life, the way it should function. You are trying to handle life topsy-turvy upside down. So no wonder so many things are out of control. Even if things are in control you’re still anxious every moment of your life, whether you awake or asleep.

What is KARMA?

Karma means a certain accumulated mass of information which has now formed its own tendencies. Here in the East, in India we refer to these tendencies as vasanas. What was vasanas means is, literally means smell. So what kind of garbage you have in your head that’s the kind of smell accordingly things happen to you. That’s the kind of life you attract towards yourself, that is the direction in which you go. So this is accumulated impressions. It is a software that you wrote for yourself and consciously. Whatever you can do unconsciously you can also do it consciously. So if you start writing a conscious software for yourself, definitely you would write a software of blissfulness and of liberation not of bondage and misery. You would not cause any kind of misery to yourself consciously. So essentially the problem is just that you’re unconscious of many many aspects of life within yourself. You’re trying to conduct your life without understanding how this human mechanism functions what it is about.

Take control of your life

There is no universal salvation without individual salvation. There is no universal transformation without individual transformation. If you me and one more person are transformed, a small piece of the world is transformed. This is the only way it can happen. It cannot happen from somewhere else. It can only happen from within. So when we talk about spiritual processes, we are not talking about going to temple mosque or church. We are not talking about looking up or looking down or looking around. We are talking about looking inward which is a completely different dimension. All your life you looked outward. Your whole perception has always been within yourself. But now the problem is your sense organs are outward bound. So your sense organs never give you access to the internal. But your whole experience of life is internal, this is the struggle.

This is the reason why people are not in charge of their lives. This is the reason why people think their lives are being run from somewhere else. It doesn’t matter who you are. Life doesn’t work for you unless you do the right thing always. People who believe that they’re good people are always wondering why it’s not working for them, and why it’s worth working for someone else. So if you are a good person, will tree grow even if you don’t water it? You’re a bad person, will tree grow, if you water it and properly take care of it? So good bad all these things are in your head. These judgments are essentially human and socially conditioned in every society. They have their own idea of what is good and bad. But the existence is treating all of us the same way whoever is receptive right now he gets the bounty of life. So the whole aspect of yoga is to make you receptive.

Video: How to Create a Life of My Dreams

Everyone is equally capable!

It is wide open right now nobody is better equipped than another person. When it comes to outside realities all of us are differently capable. What you can do somebody else cannot do, what someone else can do you cannot do, this is how it is. When it comes to inner possibilities, all of us every one of us every human being is equally capable. You are not any less capable then a Buddha or a Jesus or anybody for that matter. Now you are looking at them in a certain or because of the way they live, you are not less capable than them, when it comes to inner realities. When it comes to the outside, we are differently capable. Outside physical capabilities are different, they are acquired. But inner capabilities all of us have to the same extent. Unfortunately never explode! Never accessed! 

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