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The 10 Celebrities with rare disease and disorders – Exploring Life

The 10 Celebrities with rare disease and disorders - Exploring Life
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Celebrities may seem to have a perfect life while they are on screen or in spotlight, but inside, they also face some phases of life which are no less than those of a common person like us. Celebrities with rare disease may be hard to believe, but strange diseases or disorders are not something faced only by common people, sometimes famous personalities also have to go through it. Here, we bring you the 10 celebrities with rare disease and disorders.


The first one on the list of celebrities with rare disease is the famous American singer and actress, Selena Gomez. In 2017, Selena claimed she had been suffering from lupus between 2012 and 2014. Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive. The system attacks the healthy tissues of the body as it is not able to differentiate between healthy tissues and foreign invaders.

She had to cancel her tours and concerts and also had to avoid the public events until she revealed it on September, 2017 via her Instagram. She received a kidney transplant from her best friend actress Francia Raisa and also went through a critical condition. During the surgery, one of her arteries broke which was built up again by the doctors using a vein from her leg during an emergency surgery.

Source: Wikipedia, Mayo Clinic   

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One of the most successful supermodels, American model Bella Hadid was diagnosed with lyme disease in 2012 along with her mother Yolanda Hadid, and younger brother Anwar Hadid. Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease caused by a bacterium named borrelia which causes bull’s eye pattern rashes, fatigue, pain in joints and shows some other symptoms.

According to her mother, Bella had to give up on her dream of becoming a professional horse rider and participating in the Olympics due to the symptoms of the disease. The cause of lyme disease for Bella is suspected to be bitten by a tick back in childhood as she grew up in a horse ranch. Being one of the celebrities with rare disease, she had to a break from her profession. She said in the interviews that she was exhausted nearly all the time and could not get out of bed for 6 days. The illness also affected her memory and her brain would get all foggy. She also claims that it was a dark and the toughest time of her life. She had to take alternative medicines for the illness as she was intolerant to the antibiotics that are typically used to treat lyme disease.


Next in the list of celebrities with rare disease, we have American singer Lady Gaga. She had to cancel her tours for second studio album, ‘Born This Way’ in around 2012 due to a labral tear of her right hip which was later identified as synovitis. Synovitis is the inflammation of synovial joints which lines joints that possess cavities.

Gaga did not exactly say that which parts of her body were affected but she claimed that she had trouble walking which some sources report to be due to a hip injury. However, the doctors who diagnosed her say that this condition of hers could be due to general wear and tear from dancing and performing which made her joints prone to inflammation.

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This case one of the most extreme and discussed of all the famous personalities and celebrities with rare disease. In 1963, one of the greatest minds in the world, theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a disorder which causes the death of neurons which control the voluntary muscles and leads to muscles decreasing in size which worsens the weakness of the person.

This disease paralyzed him over the decades and he gradually lost his speech and his ability to write but he was able to communicate using a speech generating device and eventually using a single cheek muscle. He was given the life expectancy of two years but lived with the disorder for fifty years before dying in 2016.

Source: Wikipedia


American tennis player Venus Williams revealed in 2011 that she went through a chronic disease called sjogren’s syndrome. It is a disorder of the immune system in which the eyes and the mouth of the patient often go dry which leads to damage of the salivary glands, difficulty in swallowing and sometimes abnormality or even loss of taste.

In an interview, Venus Williams said that she also had to go through its symptoms like swollen joints and fatigue, but managed it by getting rest. She also focused on what she ate and got the best medical treatment she could. She struggled in the grand slam events and also got pulled out of the 2011 US open due to being overwhelmed with fatigue.


American actor, George Clooney developed bell’s palsy during the first year of high school, which he said was a bad time for getting this physical disorder. Bell’s Palsy is the physical disorder in which one side of the face becomes weak or paralyzed and causes the side to become loose or stiff.

He said in an interview that it was hard for him to get through it but it went away after nine months. However, he also shared a positive outcome of the disorder for him. He claims that the condition forced him to make fun of himself which was an important part of being famous in school and was glad that it happened to him. His sultry half-smile is also an aftereffect of the disorder

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It would be hard to believe that someone who has always been a promoter of outer beauty and has her own cosmetic brand, is one of the celebrities with rare disease, and that too, of skin. The famous American TV personality, Kim Kardashian West had struggled through Psoriasis since she was diagnosed in 2011 and has often talked about it through interviews and social media. Psoriasis is a common skin disease in which cells build up rapidly over the surface of the skin and form scales and red, itchy patches over the body which can sometimes be painful.

On December, 2018, she shared via her Twitter that the disease had taken over her body and she could not even cover it at that point. She had tried to get rid of it by having a healthy diet by avoiding acidic foods and had also been using seaweed-based products.


One of the highest paid actresses in the world, American actress Angelina Jolie had to undergo a double mastectomy surgery to remove her breasts as she had 87% risk of developing breast cancer in 2013. Then again in 2015, she had to undergo an oophorectomy surgery to remove her ovaries as she had 50% chances of developing ovarian cancer. These risks were due to a defect or mutation in her BRCA 1 gene. BRCA mutation is the changing of structure of either of the tumor suppressing genes, BRCA 1 or BRCA 2. These mutations often have a harmful effect on the body while in some cases, there is no proven impact.

Her maternal family history also showed signs of BRCA mutated genes. Her mother had breast cancer and died from ovarian cancer and her grandmother had too died from ovarian cancer. Also, after three months of her operation, her aunt died from breast cancer. However, she decided not keep her surgeries private and started spreading awareness about mutated genes and breast and ovarian cancer through newspaper articles and social media.

Source: Wikipedia


In 1962, Dr. Abraham Gordon proposed that the 16th president of USA, Abraham Lincoln had marfan syndrome. Marfan syndrome is a disorder of the connective tissues in the body. The patients of this syndrome are tall, thin and have long arms, legs, fingers, and toes.

During his tenure, his height was 6’4 and he is the tallest president ever. A journalist described Lincoln of having long pendulous arms and hands of extraordinary dimensions that far exceeded by the proportion of his feet. Some sources say that he weighed over 90 kg in 1831, some say he never weighed over 80 kg in his life, while some say that he weighed about 73 kg in 1830. However, his self-reported weight was around 81 kg but he is believed to weigh even less during his tenure.

Source: Wikipedia

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The last in our list of celebrities with rare disease is Australian singer Sia. After cancelling a series of concert tours and avoiding public events, Sia revealed in 2010 that she had graves’ disease via Twitter. Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland which makes the thyroid gland overactive. The immune system of the body attacks the thyroid and makes it produce more thyroxine than our body needs which causes hyperthyroidism.

However, she did not talk about it much but shared via Twitter that she underwent a thyroid hormone replacement therapy and her health was improving after getting some rest.

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