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The 10 Most Embarrassing Moments of Celebrities | Falls, Fails & Mess-ups

The 10 Embarrassing Moments of Celebrities | Falls, Fails & Mess-ups
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Celebrities are definitely the ones whose lives we think are perfect. Being in the world of acting and glamour, we always think that there is nothing that could go wrong on the stage when the celebs are performing up there or off camera. But celebrities , just like us, also have some embarrassing moments which they regret in future. Even though falling etc. sounds totally normal for us, and we just move on, it’s hard for the celebs to do the same or for someone who is always in the spotlight. Even a simple mistake on stage makes headlines the next day on the internet and on the social media. So, we bring you the 10 embarrassing moments of celebrities which are nearly unforgettable. 


The 10 Embarrassing Moments of Celebrities | Falls, Fails & Mess-ups

None of the Swifties can forget the night of the 2009 MTV VMA’s. The American music sensation Taylor Swift had won the award of the Best Female Video of the Year for her song ‘You Belong with Me’ and was giving her acceptance speech when out of nowhere, American rapper Kanye West showed up on stage and interrupted her speech. He took the mic from Swift’s hand and started speaking about how Beyonce deserved the award. Not only Taylor Swift, but also Beyonce was shocked and speechless.


The 10 Embarrassing Moments of Celebrities | Falls, Fails & Mess-ups

In the year 2017, Selena Gomez returned to the stage to perform her first song after almost a year at the American Music Awards. To many of her fans, she made a stunning comeback after her kidney transplant as she sang her super hit single ‘Wolves’, but many others accused her of lip syncing to the track during the whole performance. Many viewers posted negative comments on social media on how she tried to hide the fact she was lip syncing and that the props were to distract the audience from noticing it. But despite all of it, many true Selenators had Gomez’s back and told the people to let her enjoy her life.


The 10 Embarrassing Moments of Celebrities | Falls, Fails & Mess-ups

The American girl band, Fifth Harmony shocked everyone during the 2017 VMA’s when during the start of their performance, five people were seen on the stage. In 2016, one of the members of the band, Camila Cabello quit the band to make her solo career, so the fans did not expect her to perform again with group. However, when the beat started, the fifth figure was thrown off the stage while the other four members started singing and dancing. The audience thought of it as a shade thrown at Camila which did not succeed to impress the people. The rest of the performance went well with amazing vocals by all of them but the fans were still upset with the shade.


The 10 Embarrassing Moments of Celebrities | Falls, Fails & Mess-ups

In 2016, Rihanna had the most embarrassing moment an artist could ever face. She was about to perform at the Wembley stadium for her album ‘Anti’ whose tickets were already sold out. On the day of her performance, she found out that the stadium was half empty. Tons of pictures were shared of the concert via social media of the half-empty ‘sold out’ stadium and she was accused of lying. The real reason told was that thousands of tickets were bought by scalpers who apparently, could not sell all the tickets. Many seats were also not taken due to visibility issues.


Jennifer Lopez

In the 2009 American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez was performing the song ‘Louboutins’ when she decided to climb over a human tower and lost her balance, falling flat on the stage. But even after the accident, she managed to shake it off and continued with the show. Later, she was able to laugh it off by saying, “Did I trip a little bit? I don’t even remember”.


Justin Bieber

In 2012, during the first show of his ‘Believe’ world tour, the American singer, Justin Bieber was so embarrassed when he threw up twice on stage in front of the audience. He was performing the song ‘Out of Town Girl’ when he suddenly turned around and puked, not once, but twice, while the dancers kept dancing and the track continued to play. He later returned to the show and started singing the acoustic song, ‘Fall’. But that’s not it. A few songs later, he again became sick and ran off the stage. After a few minutes, he returned again and said, “It’s hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people”.One more thing discovered though, was that Bieber was lip syncing to the whole song as when he threw up, the track was still going on with his voice.


Katy Perry

In 2011, Katy Perry, the popular American singer was caught live faking to play a flute. She was covering Jay z’s song ‘Big Pimpin’ by playing the flute at one portion of the song. For a few seconds, the audience actually thought that she could play the flute until it became totally clear that she was faking it. However, she managed to handle it by saying that it was just a joke and that she can’t play a flute. She also playfully teased the people who fell for the “joke” via Twitter. But still, many are in the doubt that if it was just a joke or her way to escape from an embarrassing situation.



Michael Jackson

When it comes to performing live, Michael Jackson is the name which is taken with amazing singing and powerful dance moves. But sometimes, even the best of us are not in the groove to perform live and so happened with Michael Jackson. In 1992, during a concert in Oslo, the King of Pop Michael Jackson decided to lip sync to the recorded vocal of his opening son ‘Jam’. However, he found that the playback vocal wasn’t there. MJ had to perform with his sort of tired voice live until the playback issues were fixed.


Ariana Grande

In 2015, famous American pop singer, Ariana Grande was caught on the security camera of a shop, eating a doughnut which she didn’t buy. Afterwards, when the employee returned with a new batch of doughnuts, she even said, “I hate Americans. I hate America”. Later, she apologized for her behavior on Twitter saying that she was ‘EXTREMELY proud to be an American. “What I said was taken out of context and I am sorry for not using more discretion with my choice of words.” Also, she posted a video of herself saying that seeing a video of herself behaving poorly was such a rude awakening and she was so disgusted with herself.


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In 2013, the American singer-songwriter Beyonce was performing the song ‘Halo’ in Montreal, when she got her hair stuck into the blades of a fan. But, despite all the incident, she continued her performance while the crew came on to the stage to free her golden hair locks from the fan. Later, she posted on Instagram the picture of a handwritten note, in which she rewrote the lyrics of her song ‘Halo’ saying, “Gravity can’t begin, to pull me out of the fan again, I felt my hair was yankin’, from the fan that’s always hatin’…”

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