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Lord Shiva Interesting Facts
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Who is Lord Shiva: Lord Shiva is a Hindu God and is considered among the most powerful of all the Hindu deities and have many interesting facts and stories around him. He is also known by many other names such as Mahadeva, Nataraja, Vishwanath, Bhava, Bhole Nath etc. Lord Shiva is the destructer or the transformer according to the Trimurti concept in Hinduism which states Brahma as the creator, Vishnu as the maintainer or preserver, and Lord Shiva as the destructer or transformer. In this article we bring  you some of very interesting facts and stories about Lord Shiva.

Accepting Nandi as his vehicle

Lord Shiva Interesting Stories

It is believed that the mother of all cows, Surabhi, along with all the other cows started flooding ‘Kailash’ mountain with their milk. Lord Shiva became furious at this, and used his third eye to destroy them. The Gods offered Nandi, the magnificent bull to Lord Shiva to calm him down and Lord Shiva accepted him.

Trapping Ganga in his hair

Bhagirath once asked Brahma to bring down river Ganga to earth to perform a ceremony for his ancestors. Brahma suggested him to approach Lord Shiva as only he could allow Ganga to go. Ganga arrogantly flew down to earth but because of her arrogance, Shiva trapped her back and made her flow in small streams.

Linga: The Infinite Pillar of Fire

This is also a very interesting facts. Brahma and Vishnu were once arguing about who the real God was. Lord Shiva appeared there as an infinite fire pillar called linga. Vishnu as Varaha tried to find the bottom of the linga pillar and Brahma tried to find its top. Disappointed with his failure, Vishnu admitted that the pillar was endless while Brahma lied saying he found the top and claimed that he was the true God. Just then, Lord Shiva appeared from the pillar. Appreciating Vishnu for his honesty, he suggested that he was the one true God.

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Punishing One Crore GODS

Lord Shiva and one crore gods and goddesses were once on their way to Kashi. While taking rest in Unakoti in Tripura, Lord Shiva asked all of them to wake up before sunrise the next day. But in the morning, no one except Lord Shiva woke up. Furious at this, Lord Shiva went to Kashi on his own and cursed the other Gods to become stone images.

Lord Shiva becomes 'Nataraja' to suppress 'Apasmara':

Another interesting facts is that, Once the dwarf demon ‘Apasmara’, representing ignorance challenged Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva took the form of ‘Nataraja’ and performed his dance of destruction, also known as Tandava, and crushed the arrogant Apasmara under his right foot. It is believed that Lord Shiva remains in his ‘Nataraja’ form suppressing ‘Apasmara’ to maintain the balance between knowledge and ignorance.

Kamadeva burned by Third eye

When devas were at a war against Tarakasur, they approached Lord Shiva but he was busy meditating. So, the Devas asked Kamadeva to hit Lord Shiva with his love arrows. But Lord Shiva was angry at this and woke up in rage. As a result, Kamadeva was burned to ashes by his third eye.

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Lord Shiva blessed CHANDRA

This is also among the very interesting facts and stories. It is said that Daksha married twenty-seven of his daughters to the moon-god Chandra. But whom Chandra loved the most was Rohini, one of his wives. The other wives complained to their father, Daksha, who cursed Chandra that he would gradually fade away. Chandra went to Prabhasa tirtha and made a linga of Lord Shiva on the banks of the river Sarasvati which he prayed for six months. Lord Shiva was impressed but could not free Chandra from Daksha’s curse entirely. So, he decided that during krishnapaksha he will decrease in size and during shuklapaksha he will appear fully to satisfy everyone.

Lord Shiva's Rudraksha Necklace

‘Rudra’ is the other name of Shiva which means strict or uncompromising. ‘Aksha’ means eye. The Rudraksha necklace worn by Lord Shiva shows him to be firm about his cosmic laws and maintaining law and order in the universe. The 108 beads in the necklace symbolize the elements used in the creation of the world.

Lord Shiva's Eyes

There are actually many  other interesting facts around Lord Siva’s eyes. Lord Shiva is considered as the Tryambaka Deva, meaning the lord with three eyes. His right eye signifies the Sun, the left signifies the Moon, while the third one on his forehead is the ‘Eye of Wisdom’ that looks beyond the obvious. The third eye searches evil from anywhere and destroys it completely.
Lord Shiva’s half-open eyes symbolize the universes cycle in process. When the eyes are completely closed, they show that the universe has dissolved, and when the eyes are completely open, they show the creation of a new cycle.

Lord Shiva's as Neelkanth

During Samudra Manthan, the churning of the milky ocean in search of the amrit, the demons and gods came received a deadly poison which had the ability to kill the entire universe. So, they asked Lord Shiva for his help. Lord Shiva drank the poison for restoration of peace. This poison made his throat turn blue and he came to be known as Neelkantha. This incident shows Lord Shiva’s compassion for his children.

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