The 10 most interesting & unusual wedding traditions around the world

The 10 most interesting and unusual wedding traditions around the world - Exploring Life
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When we look around, there are approximately 190 countries in the world. They all have wedding celebrations with some interesting and unusual wedding traditions ideas depending on their customs. These unusual wedding traditions are those which make the function a bit fun and makes the crowd happier. We respect all of these traditional, yet unusual wedding ceremonies and unusual wedding traditions, as they reflect a country’s culture, heritage and legacy. Here we have chosen a few unusual wedding traditions around the world to present them before you.


Cutting a log:

There is one of the most unusual wedding traditions around the world. It is performed in Germany in which the bride and the groom has to cut a log in half using a saw. This ceremony is performed by the couple in their wedding clothes only, after the main marriage rituals. These unusual wedding traditions signifies that the couple would work together to overcome any obstacles in their future.


The 10 most interesting and unusual wedding traditions around the world - Exploring Life

Blackening of the Bride:

Blackening of the bride is a famous tradition performed in Scotland. The ceremony is carried out by the family & friends of the bride and groom. They shower the couple with mud and garbage and then, tie them to a nearby tree. These might seem like some weird and unusual wedding traditions but, it has a deep meaning in it. These kind of unusual wedding ceremonies around the world make the brides and the grooms prove to everyone that they are ready to face anything that comes in their future. Also Read: The most amazing and dangerous selfies in the world


Bride Crying for a Month before Wedding:

China also has a great diversity, which also leads to many unusual wedding ceremonies around the world to be believed by its different communities. It is strongly believed by the Tujia community of China that the bride should cry for an hour daily for a month before her wedding. When the bride has started crying, she is joined by her mother after 10 days. Then again, after 10 days, her grandmother joins in. In this way, every female in the family joins the bride in crying by the end of the month. The different tones in which the women cry make it sound like a song. These unique and unusual wedding traditions are believed to bring happiness in the life of the bride.

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Hiding the Shoes of the Groom:

India has some of the most unusual wedding traditions around the world because of its diversity in its culture, language and lifestyle. But, this tradition is very common in its most of grand marriage celebrations. On the day of marriage, everyone has to take off their shoes (including the bride and the groom) at the temple stage to carry out the wedding ceremonies. While the groom is busy performing the rituals, his family has to protect his shoes from the bride’s family at all costs. At the right time, the friends of the bride steal the groom’s shoes and demand him money or anything else in return of his shoes. The only way for the groom to get his shoes back is to fulfill their demands. Also Read: These are the top 10 most liked photos on Instagram


Paying Money to meet the Bride:

In some parts of Russia, the groom has to pay money to the bride’s family to meet her while visiting her house. If the money paid is insufficient for her family, they present a substitute bride to the groom. If the groom really wants to marry the original bride, he has to pay the family a higher amount of money. These kind of unusual wedding traditions around the world show how much the bride is loved by the groom at all costs.


Gifting a Whale's Tooth:

In Fiji, the groom is expected to gift his father-in-law a whale’s tooth while asking him for his daughter’s hand, otherwise, he is not permitted to marry the girl. This seems to be one of the most unique, dangerous, and unusual wedding traditions.


Putting a Lock on the Love Bridge:

The traditions of putting a lock on the love bridge are very popular and unusual wedding ceremonies around the world and is believed to be started from Italy. The newlywed couple puts a lock on the railings of a bridge and throws the key into the water, promising each other that they would forever be bound in love. Also Read: The 10 most Amazing and Incredible Sculptures by Chad Knight which seem to be real


Breaking a Bell:

In Guatemala there are many unusual wedding traditions one of which is smashing a bell on the day of marriage. When the wedding ceremony ends, everyone is supposed to go to the groom’s house for the reception. When the bride and the groom arrive, the mother of the groom welcomes the couple by smashing a white ceramic bell on the front door, which is full of grains and flour. This traditional, yet unusual wedding ceremony is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the newlywed couple.


Wife-Carrying Tournaments:

Each year, a wife- carrying tournament is held in Finland in which competitors come from all over the world. The tournament is a kind of obstacle course which has to be completed with your partner on your back. This competition and an unusual wedding tradition around the world is said to give a new meaning to ‘carrying loads in a relationship’. Also Read: The 7 Most Followed people on Instagram

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Bride wearing Gold and Silver Crown on Wedding:

According to a Norwegian unusual wedding tradition, the bride should wear a crown made up of gold and silver which has small pendants hanging from it on her wedding day. The tinkling sound from the pendants when the bride moves is considered to drive away the evil spirits around the venue.  Also Read: 7 unbelievable stories about the king size lifestyle of Indian royal families


We have seen many traditional rituals in the wedding ceremonies across the world. They may seem interesting and unusual wedding traditions but all have the common meaning that these customs are done for love and life-long bonding of the couple and to provide them strength to face all kind of troubles in life together with boldness.

Again, these all traditions are what we read from all sources and we don’t claim to be perfectly true for the unusual wedding traditions and customs discussed above. 

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