The most amazing and incredible places you won’t believe exist on earth

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Discovering all of the most beautiful places in the world could take ages. We bring you some of the most amazing and incredible places and natural wonders that you must travel in your lifetime. These places are considered to be a magical creation of the nature itself. There maybe a lot of scientific or chemical reasons to justify these creations but what we are interested in is that they bring energy and excitement in our spirit and that’s why we call them the most amazing and incredible places.

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Dead sea, Israel: The first place on our list of most amazing and incredible places is this interesting water body where no one sinks. The dead sea water has a density of 1.24 kg per liter, which makes swimming similar to floating. It is 9.6 times as salty as the ocean and one of the world’s most salty bodies of water.

This salinity makes for a harsh environment in which plants and animals cannot flourish. Dead sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west. Its surface and shores are 430.5 meters below sea level, lowest elevation on land on earth.

The Dead Sea is major center for health research and treatment due to mineral content of the water, very low content of pollen & other allergens in atmosphere, reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation. High atmospheric pressure at this depth have specific health effects. Due to Dead Sea’s very high salt concentration people can easily float in the Dead Sea.

The most amazing and incredible places you won't believe exist on earth

Gulf of Alaska, Pacific ocean: Next, we have a mysterious part of ocean where two water bodies meet but do not mix as one of the most amazing and incredible places created by nature itself. The gulf of Alaska is an arm of the Pacific ocean defined by the curve of the southern coast of Alaska.

Alaska’s largest glaciers, the Malaspina glacier and Bering glacier, spill out onto the coastal line along the gulf of Alaska. The gulf is a great generator of storms. The gulf of Alaska is bounded on the north by the coast of Alaska and on the south by a line running from the south end of Kodiak island on the west to Dixon entrance on the east.
The Gulf of Alaska is famous for having two kinds of water – Natural blue water and heavy sediment – laden water from the side of the Glacier Bay.

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The cool blue water tries to merge with the dark slate-blue waters. Rivers of Alaska carry with them huge quantities of sediments. The entire shoreline of the Gulf is a combination of forests, mountains and numerous tidewater glaciers. The Gulf of Alaska is also said to have ocean water that meet underwater and not above. Horizontal stratification of water is very common but here we see a vertical stratification

The most amazing and incredible places you won't believe exist on earth

Pamukkale, Turkey: The city of Pamukkale in Turkey is one of the healthiest and most mysterious places in the world. The place is popularly known as cotton castle. It is located in the Denizili province of southwestern Turkey. Tourists all over the world come for a visit to its pearly white landscape, doused with liberal amounts of turquoise pools.

There are 17 hot springs in Pamukkale with temperature ranging from 35 degrees to 100 degrees due to a vast source of water that is heated by volcanic lava beneath the city, deep in the earth. The pools are designed for swimmers who like to experience the health and beauty benefits of the hot water.

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To protect this site which is one of the most amazing and incredible places, access to terraces is limited and visitors must follow the main pathway. Small pools are the only ones allowed for swimming and bathing in order to protect the thermal waters. Pamukkale has a thermal pool known as the Sacred Pool.

Due to an earthquake that hit the region, the remains of the ancient city of Hierapolis lay in the water of this pool. In some versions, the Sacred Pool in Pamukkale is also known as the Cleopatra’s Pool because the Egyptian queen is said to have swum here.


Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia: Fairy Chimney is a tall, thin formation of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badlands. Fairy Chimneys may range from 1.5 meters to 45 meters.

These rock formations commonly consist of relatively soft rock topped by harder, less easily eroded stone that protects each column from elements. They generally form within sedimentary rock and volcanic rock formations. They are found most commonly in the deserts.

Fairy chimneys have a variable thickness often described as having a totem pole shaped body. Its shapes are affected by the erosion of alternately hard and softer rocks. Minerals deposited within different rock types cause them to have different colors throughout their height.

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They are commonly found in high plateau region of Colorado plateau and in Badlands plateau of northern great plains.

Because of its mysterious shape and structure, the place is one of the most amazing and incredible places on our list.

The most amazing and incredible places you won't believe exist on earth

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